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Business Studies with a Concentration in Accounting

Business Studies with a Concentration in Accounting

Students who earn an online degree concentrating in Business Studies Accounting possess a leg up in employment opportunities. This is particularly true for the adult learner who may wish to transfer focus from one discipline to another after already working several years in a business environment. The business studies accounting concentration facilitates an important integration of the sciences, liberal arts and information technology so that as a professional, more complex analytical expertise can be shared with others.

Why Accounting?

Since the ‘language of business’ relies on accounting to translate growth, benchmarks, profit and other critical data that defines a business’s success, it remains one of the fastest growth professions in America. Business not only understands the necessity for strong accounting and financial skills, but actively recruits professionals who demonstrate them. In fact, middle and executive management requires sound financial reporting and advice in order to make decisions that will profit the corporation.

Why Business Studies?

A quality education built on a strong science and liberal arts education that supports sophisticated and complex accounting skills can be applied to all kinds of business environments. Consequently, the business studies accounting concentration is versatile and transferrable to diverse product and service companies. What’s more, this online degree program designed for mature students capitalizes on experience already earned in a business environment. It takes core knowledge and combines quantitative skills through reliable accounting principles so that recommendations to upper level management can be made from a more sophisticated perspective that benefits a business bottom line.

Why Supportive General Education?

Historically, the ‘number crunchers’ have performed an invaluable service to a company, indispensible even. Unfortunately, accountants have all too often operated in a compartmentalized manner, or bubble. As such, they have not always understood or been able to effectively communicate complex analysis for the specific purposes accounting is actually used for: to make sound business decisions.

An education based on integrated business, accounting, communication and information technology that addresses the component parts of a corporation can now be provided in today’s economic realities through this degree. A business studies accounting program effectively prepares students by teaching writing proficiency skills, logic, critical reading and analytical skills and cultural awareness. With these tools, the business professional can better provide accounting information to executives.

Course Offerings

Besides a foundation in arts and sciences, the business studies accounting online degree concentration teaches progressive levels of general accounting and cost accounting. In addition, most colleges and universities also prepare students in taxation principles. Many offer critical thinking and principles of management courses. A good number of curriculums also provide internship opportunities for students to gain real-world experience in applying what they have been taught.

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