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My Black Urban Vertical: African-Americans and Internet two.0

My Black Urban Vertical: African-Americans and Internet 2.

Submit the words “Blacks,” or “African Americans,” in blend with “Lengthy Tail” to the Google or Yahoo search engine, and find out quickly how locating the most relevant topical data sometimes can be elusive even for the Net savvy. A single may possibly fairly conclude that even though African Americans represent 12% of the U.S. population, or 38 million individuals, they are nonetheless usually a prolonged-tail play when it comes to on-line search. “Prolonged tail” is a reference to a phrase coined by author Chris Anderson in his October 2004 write-up of the identical title in Wired Magazine. The hotly debated premise of Anderson’s write-up is that the Web has lowered the charges of distribution to the point that it now can make sense for merchants to address the pent up demand of niche groups for better tailored products and companies.

Provide and Demand or Heads and Tails?

Most would agree it is comparatively straightforward to search by Black or African-American in standard and find wealthy content. However, try out browsing “Black owned eating places in Chicago” for example and you are probably to be largely disappointed or even worse misled. Offered that there are 22 million African Americans on the internet, it begs the question why topical search about them has not superior previous its present state? My Black Networks, LLC (MBN), a social media network firm based mostly in Austin, TX, believes there are three main forces at play.

* First, despite the fact that recent scientific studies suggest the digital divide in between black and white households has closed, MBN states the reasonably late adoption by blacks could describe the historical neglect to generate the kinds of centralized taxonomies characteristic of Internet 1.. “Incentive to distribute material will naturally be reduce if a sufficiently large and accessible audience to receive it does not exist” states Elbert McQuiller, co-founder of MBN. Nonetheless, MBN concedes that the convergence of the development of Web 2. applications such as blogging software program, the commoditization of PC’s, the wide spread availability Internet-enabled cell phones, and the emergence of the first African American significant celebration nominee for President have resulted in a latest and significant narrowing of the digital divide.

* Secondly, MBN believes the lack of advertising targeting African Americans is also partially to blame. In accordance to a Nielsen research published in January 2008, general marketing devote targeting African Americans reached $ 2.three billion in the course of the twelve months among October 1, 2006 and September thirty, 2007. This figure, nevertheless, represents much less than 1% of complete U.S. marketing dollars. MBN maintains that the relative allocation gap in online media is even better. This places African American publishers and content material at a competitive disadvantage. Mr. McQuiller states “The availability of content is partially dependent on the capacity of publishers to monetize their web sites and advertising revenue continues to be component of the dominant business model.”

* Ultimately, search engines rely largely on crucial words to interpret data. Despite the fact that progress continues to be made in terms of more nuanced, semantics search, the algorithms driving search engines continue to give greater weight to word matching and literal or denotative which means. Publishers who wish to target the African-American market have to optimize their internet sites in techniques that boost their likelihood of discovery. For instance, the internet site of a “Black-owned restaurant” will almost certainly need to have to contain key phrases or tags that identify it as such, if the purpose is to be easily discovered by somebody seeking for people types of restaurants.

Vertical Branding Meets Vertical Search

MBN is launching its portal web site in an hard work to address the fragmented state of the data that it believes is culturally salient to its target markets. MBN describes itself as an ecosystem of informational internet sites focusing on distinctive segments of the African, African-American and Caribbean community or the African Diaspora. MBN begins its quest by launching The MyBlack™ Urban Vertical. The first phase of the launch includes distinctive internet sites for 20 cities with large African-American populations. Each and every website contains the MyBlack™ brand and offers pertinent national and regional information, a Black-owned business directory, little business resource center, a wealth-building segment, an events section, as effectively as particular curiosity places for way of life, well being and romance. Each city site is available from the portal and is also linked to a shared social networking platform. MBN eventually expects to increase to contain over 200 significant cities around the globe including significant urban centers in the U.S., Africa, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. The portal internet site will contain back links to such locations as,,,,, and

MBN’s aim is to facilitate vertical search by its target markets by employing vertical branding of appropriate articles. In the close to future MBN hopes to companion with a vertical search engine or develop its own. MBN believes that the possibility for social networking between the African Diaspora is ripe given the existing and projected growth in world wide web-enabled mobile gadgets in its emerging on the internet markets and believes that MyBlack™ can be a dominant player in the room. When asked what MBN intends to do following reorganizing the World wide web, Mr. McQuiller shrugs and replies “Watch the tail wag the canine.”

For further details, please speak to Elbert McQuiller or pay a visit to “My Black Networks,” “MyBlack” and “Since MyBlack is the New Black” are all trademarks and/or servicemarks of My Black Networks, LLC. ABOUT My Black Networks, LLC – My Black Networks, LLC is a social media network business, headquartered in Austin, TX, whose major support is an ecosytem of informational websites focusing on unique segments of the African, African-American and Caribbean communities.

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