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Why You Need a College Degree

Why You Need a College Degree

A lot of people think that the most important reason to go to college is so that they can earn more money. This is certainly a good reason. If you get your college degree you will probably do better than someone who quits after high school. This is the common argument for higher education, but there are other things to consider when making your decision about continuing your education and getting a college degree.

No doubt, a college degree is a prerequisite for getting many well-paying jobs. But just “getting a job” is not enough. You have to earn that high salary by being a productive employee and your productivity will depend on the power of your intellect to handle whatever task is placed before you. Education’s true importance is to develop your mind so that you can perform well.

If you want to get your degree either on campus or online you will have to do well in exams. Often you will have to memorize information and then be able to give this information back on exam time. But what will happen a few months after the exam. Will you still be able to remember all of this information? You would probably fail your exams if you had to take them again at a later date.

Mere repetition of memorized information is not what employers are looking for or what they need. They need people who know how to think. And that is what higher education can do for you. If you pursue your college studies in the right way, whether it is on campus or online, you will strengthen your capacity to think and to create.

It is not enough to know how to use your head and come up with great solutions. You also have to learn how to communicate and express your ideas. This is another great outcome of the process of higher education. As you work on your college degree, either on campus or through an online course, you will in the process of doing the exercises, improve your writing style and your capacity to explain and to convince others.

Finally there is one more skill that higher education can deliver to you. It will awaken a capacity to learn and a joy in learning. Your “education” does not end when you get a degree or leave school. If you enjoy learning, then this educative process can continue for the rest of your life, all you have to do is to get the knack of acquiring information from books, magazines, the mass media, the Internet and whatever other means of communication that will be invented in the near future.

Go ahead, get your college degree. You can do it with an online degree program or you can enroll on a traditional campus. However you do it, you will get something that is priceless.

Diane Palmer is a retired Dean of Students who acts as a consultant to an educational publishing company which owns websites on online colleges and online degree programs.

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